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Street Pastors

“When I started my training in Cirencester by 11.30pm all was quiet and most people were safely at home.” These were the words of Tim Brain, a newly retired Police Inspector, who spoke at the inspiring service at which Cirencester's new band of Street Pastors were commissioned.

Tim then contrasted this to weekends now in our town. Young people spill out into the street in the early hours of the morning from clubs and parties etc having, in many cases, consumed considerable quantities of alcohol. They are then vulnerable to aggression, de-hydration, and even hypothermia - the dictates of modern fashion hardly suitable for the sub zero temperatures of a Cotswold winter's night.

Jesus came into the world to care for the weak and vulnerable and Tim highlighted that it is the work of the church to continue this care today in our own communities - a challenge that has willingly been taken up by the Street Pastors already operating in many towns across the country and now by the 17 volunteers starting out this month in Cirencester. Do please pray for them as they start to patrol our streets on Saturday evenings handing out water and foil blankets, providing a listening ear and also a helping hand to those finding it difficult to get home.

Also do consider whether this is a ministry that you could do in God's service If enough volunteers come forward then both Friday and Saturday nights could be covered. How wonderful if St Peter's could find a volunteer. Please have a word with the Rector if you feel it is a ministry in which you might be able to help.