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St Margaret

A Short History (page 3 of 8)

IIn December 2000, following a period of prolonged heavy rain, a spring was activated under the Chancel causing flood water to rise to a depth of 10 inches within the church and flood outwards into the churchyard. As a result the floor had to be completely relaid; certain electrics rewired; the pews removed to be rewaxed; and the walls redecorated.

The drying out and restoration work took over 6 months but was completed in time for the Patronal Festival in July. The organ was damaged beyond repair and the new organ installed on a platform. The white altar frontal was badly damaged and subsequently a replacement was commissioned from the Royal School of Needlework. On close inspection it is possible to see that a small piece of the old watermarked fabric has been stitched into the base of the ornate cross. The churchwarden worked matching falls, transferring the old crosses onto the new fabric to complete the set.