Bagendon, Baunton, North Cerney 
and Stratton parishes
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St Margaret

A Short History (page 6 of 8)


Note the unusual height of the altar above the floor of the nave due to the regular recurrence of floods. In 1901 and 1930 water rose, as it had done through the centuries, to within two inches (1cm) of the altar platform, but no higher. In 1940 it again rose 24 inches (62cm) to just below the top of the three chancel steps.

In the two south windows are pieced together all that remains of the fine 15th century glass originally placed in the east window by the Weavers' Guild of Cirencester when they rebuilt the chancel. These windows now form a memorial to the fallen in the two World Wars. The Manor and Church of Bagendon were part of the endowment of two priests of the Chantry of the Holy Trinity founded by the Weavers' Guild in their town church. Heraldic shields of arms of three wealthy members of the Guild are preserved in the reconstructed windows. Part of the crucifix beam with one pierced hand can be seen in the eastern of the two windows, and below, the pierced feet and skull of Adam. In the same window is a fragment of St Catherine, a hand holding her wheel and the name "Katerina". In the western window is a small figure of the Virgin, and a fragment of St Dorothy holding a spray of roses. Below is part of the Latin inscription "cantarie-sctTrinit" (Chantry priest of Holy Trinity). In the border note the tiny pair of praying hands.

During repairs to the south wall in 1963 the stone jambs of the western window were found to extend downwards to a low cill forming a recess which has now been opened out as it was originally. The recess had been built up and a stone cill inserted just below the glazing, probably in the 18th century when the box pews were erected.