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St Margaret

A Short History (page 7 of 8)


Below the bell tower note the offsets for the supports of the two floors which once divided the tower into two small chambers reached by a tiny staircase. In the lower chamber is a stone basin with a drain piercing the thickness of the wall. There are recesses in the south wall of both chambers.

In the 12th century, priests from Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, and in the 15th and 16th Century Trinity Chantry chaplains from Cirencester served the church and would have occupied these chambers. Note the hood-mould of the small window in the west wall of the nave from which the priest could overlook the nave and Chancel.

The Founders grave-slab with a plain Latin cross leans against the west wall. An ancient coffin slab with Maltese cross is up the staircase. There is a quaint epitaph on the tablet to Giles Parsloe, the son who paid for it is praised rather than the father to whose memory it was supposedly placed.

There is one bell by Abraham Rudhall, 1723, and four bells of small calibre that are for chiming and were put in to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee.