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26 November
Haggai  1
Call to build the House of the Lord
Haggai reproves the people for neglecting the work, pointing out that this is the reason they are not enjoying good crops. The people listen to Haggai and act upon his encouragements.
3 December
Haggai  2
The Promised Glory
God promises to be with his people and will bless them. His glory will fill the rebuilt temple, and the “desire of all nations” will come to it. The prophecy ends with a message for Zerubbabel, here termed “governer of Judah”..
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Advent Course

Our meditations this year will be based on the

prophecy of Haggai (towards the end of the Old Testament).

Haggai was active after the return of the Israelites from exile. The rebuilding of the Temple had been started, but for various reasons work had stopped. Micah encourages the people to complete the work, promising that God will be with them and will bless them.

Sessions will be held in Stratton Rectory on Mondays at 7:30

Study Outline