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Easter 2010

We know it must be Easter - chocolate eggs are in the stores, They've been on sale for month and months - since they packed up

Santa Claus.

The hot cross buns are on the shelves for each day of the year,

They come in lots of flavours now, but no special treat, I fear.

The forecast for the weather has been rather grim,

With wind and rain for most of us and very little sun,

You feel they have to warn us that the weather could be bad,

So if it turns out sunny, we'll be extra-specially glad!

The programmes on the TV are all ones we've seen before,

'The Greatest Story Ever Told' MUST be rolled out once more!

Then Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, again,

With Charlton Heston leading them the Promised Land to gain!

And Easter Day, what shall we do the bigger stores are CLOSED!

One day without our shopping fix, a dilemma for us posed,

Shall we sit in traffic jams and while away the hours,

Or annoy the neighbours either side with our old motor mowers?

In truth the weather's been quite fine, with lots of lovely sun,

With time to share some Easter eggs and the odd hot cross bun!

And though some shops are firmly shut, all Churches open wide,

To welcome all to celebrate this joyous Eastertide!

From the Porch Poet