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Where were you that Easter morn?

Did you choose to stay in bed,

After all that you saw happen,

You know He's well and truly dead.

You watched His body taken down,

From that accursed tree,

You watched His friends who laid it,

In a new tomb cold and free.

You watched the stone being rolled in place,

To keep the robbers out,

And you saw the Roman soldiers,

Ready grave-thieves to rout.

Or, were you in that garden,

On the first Easter morn,

And saw the great stone rolled away,

In the cold light of dawn?

From the Porch Poet

Did you see the women weeping,

Come to carry out their task,

And did you see the Risen Christ,

And did not have to ask:

"Why are you seeking Jesus here,

Do you not know He is Risen?

He conquered death and sin for all,

His Life for us He's given!"

He lives to all who follow Him,

His simple rule for us,

To love God and each other,

Just as we know He loves us!

Easter Morn