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Lent Course - Study 1







Questions to think about

Moses’ prayers (Exodus reading) resulted in a tough decision and a demanding future. Bishop Stephen Cottrell says that we should not pray for anything for which we are not willing to be God’s agent. What do you make of this in the light of your own experience?

Read Romans 8:28.Do you find this, (or any other verses) sustaining in tough times?

Read Luke 6:29. Should Christians ever use force? Is the concept of a “just war” ever valid?

Shirley Williams describes “compassion fatigue”. We cannot meet every plea for help. What policy do we (or should we) adopt as - individuals and as a church - towards charities and needy individuals?

Read Mark 9:24.  Suffering, bereavement and pain often bring people nearer to God rather than driving them away. Why can this happen?

“How can a loving God allow disasters / suffering to happen?” How do we respond?