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Bible Study Outline

Study 5, Monday October 14   Solomon

Solomon, a son of King David, was renowned for his wisdom as well as his wealth and fame. His birth is recorded in 2 Samuel 12 v24, but the bulk of his story occurs in the first eleven chapters of 1 Kings (with parallel passages in 2 Chronicles chapters 1 - 9). Of particular relevance are:

1 Kings 2, v 1-10. David’s charge to Solomon

1 Kings 3 and chapter 4, v 29-34. Solomon’s wisdom

1 Kings 10. The visit of the Queen of Sheba

1 Kings 11, 1-13. Solomon’s wives

1 Kings 11 , 14-40. Unrest against Solomon

1 Kings 11, 41-43. His death.

1Kings chapters  5-9 give a detailed account of the building of the palace, the temple and its dedication.