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A selection of medieval and renaissance pieces were played on a wide variety of instruments. These included bagpipes, crumhorns, recorders, curtals, shawms, flutes, gemshorns and fiddle.

The Waites gave a concert recently at Hailes Abbey church.

 Hailes Abbey, is close to the Cotswolds town of Winchcombe. The abbey was founded by the Cistercians in 1246 and was once a celebrated site of pilgrimage. Though it is now in ruins, parts of the magnificent cloisters still remain.

Close to the abbey ruins is Hailes parish church. It is actually older than the abbey, being consecrated in 1175. It served as the Capella Ante Portas to the Abbey until its dissolution. The church contains many fine medieval remains, including wall paintings.

The Waites have had a long association with the church and have played at many concerts there.