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This is the website of Mark W Venn and is concerned principally with early music in various manifestations. Current sections of the site deal with:
Handmade renaissance woodwind instruments. Principal instruments made are the crumhorn and the cornamuse.
Handmade recorder stands / other instrument stands
Maintenance and minor repair work of instruments.
The "Mozart"  music software for developing high quality music scores,
"The Waites of Gloucester", a renaissance consort, that also performs as "Her Majestie's Pleasure"
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Crumhorn display stand - new line!
Do your crumhorns need a display stand, or just some means of keeping them ready for use? Check this out.
Greenwich International Early Music Festival, 2014
New version of Mozart - Version 12 - new features
Mark Venn is a regular exhibitor of renaissance instruments and the Mozart software at the annual Greenwich International Festival and Exhibition of Early Music in the Old Naval College, Greenwich. exhibiting renaissance windcaps, instrument stands and the Mozart Music software, Version 12.

Mark will only be exhibiting on saturday, 15 November.
The Mozart author, Dave Webber, discussing the latest features with a fellow exhibitor at the Greenwich International early Music Festival..
A small selection of the stands at the Exhibition.
Crumhorns, cornamusen and recorder stands by Mark.

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